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Local government

Information about the governing of Orkdal municipality.

The management of a municipality is divided in a political and an administrative government.


     Ordfører Gunnar Hoff Lysholm  
     Chairman of municipal
     council, Gunnar H. Lysholm  

Chief Executive of Orkdal

The municipal council is the municipality’s supreme body, is elected for four years, and in Orkdal the municipal council
consists of 35 members. The chairman (”ordfører”) in Orkdal – elected of and amongst the municipal council,
is Gunnar Hoff Lysholm. The chairman is fully employed and seated in the town hall in Orkanger.


The meetings in elected bodies in Orkdal are to be held open to the public. Nevertheless, individual issues may be discussed behind closed doors when, for instance, discretion is dictated by consideration for individual privacy.


The municipalities are obliged to hire a chief executive to head the combined municipal administration. The chief executive has to ensure that the issues which are put to the elected bodies are properly prepared and analysed, and that resolutions are carried out. Popularly elected bodies may empower the chief executive to make decisions in individual matters or in types of business which do not involve questions of principle, unless otherwise resolved by the municipal council. The chief executive in Orkdal is Nils Kvernmo. 

His administration is two-tied, and consists of 15 units which all have full responsibility of budget, operation and personal matters.  


Updated: 22.04.2010

Contact information

Town hall of Orkdal

Adress: Allfarveien 5,
            7300 Orkanger
Phone: 72 48 30 00
E-mail: postmottak@
Orkdal kommune, Rådhuset - Alfarveien 5, 7301 Orkanger, tlf: 72 48 30 00, e-post: , 958 731 558